Having used my Windows 8 laptop as my main work laptop for a couple of weeks now, I thought I’d share my thoughts.

Overall, I’d say Windows 8 works well on a touchscreen laptop or device. If you don’t have a touchscreen though, a lot of the features – such as the Start screen – are a bit pointless.

I’d suggest Microsoft let you identify how you want to use it – if interested in business applications or not got a touchscreen, it should startup and take you straight to the Desktop view. If you have got a touchscreen, you could have the option of starting and going into Start screen, or if you prefer, go to Desktop also.
Anybody using a Windows 8 PC for business would want to go straight into Desktop anyway, as Start screen is fairly pointless after a few swipes through it.

This way both touchscreen and non-touchscreen users would be fairly happy with their setup and work flow.

Also an essential suggestion to Microsoft would be to make it much clearer to users how all these swipes and gestures work if you’ve got a touchscreen. A simple screen showing you all the options would be idea. There may even be one there, but I can’t find it!

Hopefully, one of the problems Windows 8.1 will address is the way so much of the functionality and applications / apps seems to be hidden away. I can usually only find them via Search.

Lastly, for any Windows 8 user, the free application Start Menu Reviver is definitely essential.
It’s worth the download and install even just for the fact you can access the Shut Down button in one click.