Here’s some useful Excel shortcuts, which I’ll add to as I find more useful ones.

One of the main ones I’ve found is Insert a New Row – without a shortcut this is an extremely clunky operation of selecting the current row using the mouse and then selecting to Insert a new row in one of several ways (right-click menu or Ribbon Menu or shortcut key) There doesn’t seem to be a one-step shortcut for Inserting a New Row, but there is a two-step shortcut, see below.

Insert a New Row

1) Shift + Spacebar        Select current row
2) Ctrl + ‘+’                        Insert row
(On my Asus laptop I have to actually do Ctrl + Shift + =/+ key)

Other Useful Shortcuts

Ctrl + ;                       Insert current date
Ctrl + :                       Insert current time
Ctrl + ”                      Copy value from cell above
Ctrl + ‘                      Copy formula from cell above
Alt + Enter             Start a new line in same cell
Ctrl + Spacebar    Select entire column


Useful Excel Shortcut Links