I originally used Synergy back in the day when I was working from home and using a works Windows PC and wanted to use my iMac at the same time. After much searching on the net I found Synergy and – after some complicated setups – found it was a great way of allowing me to use one keyboard, one mouse and the two computers side by side on the (big) desk.

Now I’ve got two systems I want to hook up again and couldn’t remember the name of Synergy – so had to hunt about on my iMac and eventually found a reference to it. And to my great relief, Synergy is still going and now has  a great website and a dev team working on it.

Synergy allows you to connect up multiple systems of different types – Windows, OSX and various Linux flavours.

You have several options to get hold of Synergy – including a Free Download and also some other options, at $10 and $29 for the Pro version.

I’ve now got the Free version of Synergy connecting up my two systems and it works perfectly. It took a bit of time setting things up, as there’s some vital settings you can easily miss but once setup it’s awesome.

So now I’m about to spend $10 on the Basic version, to keep development funded…