Synergy – Great way to work on two or more computers at the same time – with no wires!

I originally used Synergy back in the day when I was working from home and using a works Windows PC and wanted to use my iMac at the same time. After much searching on the net I found Synergy and - after some complicated setups - [...]

Quick tip – Improving the iPhone Keyboard in iOS 8

This isn't a quick tip saying to install SwiftKey Keyboard app, as I've tried that and didn't see much improvement over the built-in iOS 8 keyboard. This tip improves the space you have to switch to and from the numeric keyboard - which you constantly need to [...]

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Instashare – even better with the extension

I've used Instashare for some time to send screenshots when testing on both iOS and Android devices. The fact it works on both iOS and Android platforms means its better than anything built into those systems. You can also download and install Instashare apps on your [...]

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Upgrading Avada from version 3.0.1 to 3.4.3

It had been a while since I'd updated the Avada theme that this website uses and it seems the longer you leave it, the more there is to consider - what will I need to backup, what about WordPress versions, what about my plugins etc? Anyway, [...]

Some useful Excel shortcuts

Here's some useful Excel shortcuts, which I'll add to as I find more useful ones. One of the main ones I've found is Insert a New Row - without a shortcut this is an extremely clunky operation of selecting the current row using the mouse and [...]

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Windows 8 tips – keyboard shortcuts

Here are some Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts I found out via the process of trial and error. Some are more useful than others and some are indispensable. Windows 8 Shortcuts - Using Windows Key  Very Useful  Windows Key + S             Start Menu Windows Key + D             [...]

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