Fixed badly performing broadband – here’s how…

Recently, my broadband has been performing really badly, with slow download speeds and browsing taking ages, even on simple pages. I decided to have a go at fixing this myself, before contacting my supplier's support. I know from previous experience that the channel your router is [...]

Upgrading Avada from version 3.0.1 to 3.4.3

It had been a while since I'd updated the Avada theme that this website uses and it seems the longer you leave it, the more there is to consider - what will I need to backup, what about WordPress versions, what about my plugins etc? Anyway, [...] site and DevBlog now moved to WordPress

Have now moved the site and the DevBlog blog to WordPress, hosted on my account. This includes all the existing content of the DevBlog which I've also moved. The install and setup of WordPress was quite easy - following a support guide - and [...]