Selecting a WordPress theme for your business website can be a tricky business itself, so this post is a little bit of help in the right direction. There are many themes to choose from and many different types of website requirements, so this is not an exhaustive guide, more of a suggested approach you could try.

Situations where you may need to select a WordPress Theme for your business website

  • Creating a new WordPress website
  • Relaunching your WordPress website with a different theme

Selecting a WordPress theme based on your business type

There are many approaches to selecting a theme and there are also many different themes to choose from.

Perhaps the best way to approach things is to base your selection on your business type.

Here are some examples business types:

  • A design-led business, such as an artist or a jewellery designer, may want to showcase their designs and so require a very visual approach, showing design images and accompanying blog posts.
  • A service-led business, such as accountant, freelance journalist, freelance copywriter, freelance IT specialist (such as myself) may require a mix of mainly textual elements to describe the services offered, with also some visual elements to keep things looking interesting.

WordPress theme examples based on your business type

There are many WordPress themes available, some free, some paid and this is just a small set of examples to give you an idea of whats available.

For a visual approach, such as that required by a design-led business – Pinboard

The Pinboard theme is a free theme – at least at time of writing this – and looks an excellent way of showcasing visual images and also accompanying them with a small textual description. The demo site shows it in action and it looks very impressive. I’ve also added my own Pinboard demo site to show an example of how it looks.

For a mix of text and visual elements, such as that required by a service-led business – Avada

The Avada theme is a paid theme – currently $45 – and is a very flexible theme, described as a multi-purpose theme. I’d agree with this description, as my own website uses the Avada theme and it allows you to use a variety of layout approaches across different sections of your site, along with some nifty built-in functionality. The demo site shows the Avada theme in action – as does this site.

Things to consider when selecting a WordPress theme for your business website

  • Is the theme free or paid for? Note that some paid themes require a one-off payment and some require a subscription.
  • Sometimes different versions of a theme will be available on, and the developer’s own site, so some research may be required into what versions are available and where
  • Is there a demo site, live preview or list of sites already using the theme? One or all of these allow you to see the theme in action.
  • Is there any support available? Is there any documentation available?
  • Check theme reviews, feedback, comments etc.
  • Google the theme name and see what comes up.
  • Is it a Responsive theme? This means that it will work on mobile devices without any extra work.
  • Does the theme feature Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) characteristics?
  • Is the theme optimised for Social Media? Does it allow easy sharing of content? Does it allow easy linking to your Social Media accounts?

Some WordPress Theme Websites

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My WordPress Theme Demos

Pinboard Theme Demo

Sights of Spain - Pinboard Theme Demo

MYgRID2 Theme Demo

A Taste of Italy - MYgRID2 Theme Demo

AutoFocus Theme Demo

European Cities - AutoFocus theme demo