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2015 – Overview of my projects and training

2015 was a busy year for me, with a wide range of projects worked on and also some excellent training and education completed, including the Rapid Software Testing Applied course run by James Bach, which I completed in July. And to give a flavour of the [...]

Quick Intro to Gherkin

Having used Gherkin in a couple of different testing projects, I thought I'd provide a Quick Intro to Gherkin, for those not familiar with it. So far, I've used Gherkin as a way of documenting tests, rather than automating tests, but it's used in both scenarios. [...]

Quick Guide to Selecting a WordPress Theme for your Business Website

Selecting a WordPress theme for your business website can be a tricky business itself, so this post is a little bit of help in the right direction. There are many themes to choose from and many different types of website requirements, so this is not an [...]