Having recently relaunched my website to use a new WordPress theme – the excellent Avada Theme – I thought I’d add a guide to doing this on my blog, to help out anyone else planning this.

Part 2 – Theme Selection

  • Check the various Theme websites (see below for a selection) to see what’s available and possible.
  • Check live previews of themes to see if it does what you want.
  • Check other sites which have used the theme – if none shown, then could be pointer to a problem.
  • Check theme support / reviews etc.
  • Check any comments on the theme – there could be widespread praise for the theme – or perhaps, widespread criticism.
  • Check the theme documentation – are you technically capable of using it? Do you have enough time to spare to do this?
  • I’ve also now added some live WordPress theme demos to my website – see below for a selection.

My WordPress Theme Demos

Pinboard Theme Demo

Sights of Spain - Pinboard Theme Demo

MYgRID2 Theme Demo

A Taste of Italy - MYgRID2 Theme Demo

AutoFocus Theme Demo

European Cities - AutoFocus theme demo

Theme websites


Part 3 – Theme Tryout – is now Published.

*** If you would like help relaunching your WordPress website with a new theme, please Contact Me, or check out my WordPress consultancy services.

*** There is now a downloadable version of this content.