Having recently relaunched my website to use a new WordPress theme – the excellent Avada Theme – I thought I’d add a guide to doing this on my blog, to help out anyone else planning this.

Part 3 – Theme Tryout

  • To fully ensure the theme you’ve selected will work in the way you want it to, I’d recommend trying out the theme. This may require purchasing the theme at this point, or you may be able to get a demo version, or something like a 30 day trial version.
  • To tryout the theme, you can setup a WordPress test system. I’d recommend the excellent Instant WordPress for this, which allows you to setup a WordPress test system on a Windows machine
  • Read the theme documentation fully to understand the capabilities and technicalities.
  • When you have established its definitely the theme you want to use, begin creating your content in the test system. You could create a brand new install at this stage.
  • Finalise your site architecture as much as possible. I recommend drawing it out in pencil, as there may be many changes as you progress.
  • The test/tryout system could be a basis for your new site, perhaps using copy and paste of the content to transfer it. This is a manual method, but gives you control over the process.
  • Make regular backups / exports during development, in case you make any large errors.

Part 4 – Prep For Going Live – Now Published.

*** If you would like help relaunching your WordPress website with a new theme, please Contact Me, or check out my WordPress consultancy services.

*** There is now a downloadable version of this content.