Having recently relaunched my website to use a new WordPress theme – the excellent Avada Theme – I thought I’d add a guide to doing this on my blog, to help out anyone else planning this.

Part 4 – Prep For Going Live

  • Consider any SEO implications. If you use a totally new site layout, page names etc you may lose your current SEO status/search page rankings.
  • My idea to get around this potential issue was to 1) keep the same layout and structure 2) copy the newly developed content over pages that already exist, thus keeping same page name and age etc.
  • Its worth checking Google Webmaster Tools to see what tools there are to alert it to your site change and to also keep your SEO ratings.
  • I’d also highly recommend creating a checklist of what you need to do and tick it off as you go along – this helped my relaunch process immensely.

Part 5 – Going Live – now Published.

*** If you would like help relaunching your WordPress website with a new theme, please Contact Me, or check out my WordPress consultancy services.

*** There is now a downloadable version of this content.