One of the Apple Support Communities pages I am subscribed to is all about the ‘wifi dropping’ issue people have had when updating to Mountain Lion. This has now reached its 14th page and new issues are added almost daily.

I found that the wifi dropping/connection issues went away when I followed Apple’s recommended settings for Wifi on iOS and OSX. The main thing to improve the situation was changing the security to WPA2.

Wifi Troubleshooting Software

As wifi constantly seems to be a problem – eg signal strength, interference and dropout – I have been searching for software which allows you to check what wifi traffic there is in your location. Up to now, I haven’t found anything useful, but I then read in an IT World article about software called inSSIDer – which is the exact thing I was looking for.

It’s well worth installing to see what wifi traffic there is in your area and what may be causing wifi issues. You can check each wifi channel to see how many other wifi networks are using it – and probably clogging it up – and then perhaps make changes to your wifi setup to try and fix the issues.  It also shows you its rating of your connection, in terms of a Link Score – the higher the better.

There are versions available for Windows, Mac and Android.