Mind mapping software FreeMind

Mind mapping software FreeMind

I’ve recently been using Mind Mapping concepts to keep track of the main points I’ve been learning whilst studying for the ISEB/ISTQB Foundation certification. The main ISEB course book covers many areas and a wealth of information, so it sometimes becomes a struggle to remember everything.

I’ve found Mind Maps help you to list the main points for a topic in a more memorable way than just writing them down or using a bullet list.

While looking for Memory Map software, I found quite a few different programs but most had a cost of some sort. Then I found FreeMind, which is a free/open source Java program. After a fairly simple download and install process, I began using FreeMind and found it a very good program, easy to use and allowed me to create Memory Maps very quickly. (Screenshots)

I would definitely recommend FreeMind if you’re looking for Memory Map software thats free and easy to use.


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