Android Pay

Quick Intro to NFC

As I've recently added blog posts on Mobile Payments, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay - all which use NFC - I thought I'd add a post for NFC itself. What is NFC? Firstly, NFC is Near Field Communication - a technology more catchily known as [...]

Mobile Payments: Quick intro to Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay

Quick Intro to Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay All the major mobile manufacturer's are desperately trying to stake their claim for a slice of the potentially massive Mobile Payments market - with a slice of every transaction/payment their aim. As of June 2015, Apple Pay [...]

Mobile Payments: Android Pay

Android Pay - Overview Google bills Android Pay as "Pay your way. Shop how you want" and it allows you to make payments both in stores and in apps, similar to Apple Pay.  It uses a combination of Near Field Communication (NFC), plus one of a PIN code, password [...]